Friday, 5 April 2013

Brush washing time!

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to wash makeup brushes? We can all dream but it's something that essential if you don't want bacteria filled brushes! I have seen a few different ways of doing it but this is how I do it so here we go;

So I take a blob of baby shampoo on to my hand ( the bigger the brush the bigger the blob of shampoo) and start to rub the brush in small circles until the shampoo foams up. The shampoo will change colour depending on what brush it is but that good cause that means its getting clean. Once the shampoo has foamed up as much as it can rinse it under warm water squeezing all of the shampoo out. If the brush is still a bit dirty clean it again until you are happy with it. I tend to do this with all of my face brushes to make sure they are super clean! Then leave them on a towel overnight to dry. If you need them dryer quicker then get out your hair dryer and dry them that way! I find they are softer leaving then to dry them on there on but if you don't have time the other way works as well.

So that's how I dry my brushes. Remember you should try and dry your brushes once a week I think it is. Really though who actually does that? Not me any way, well ill try and get better! Any other suggestions in how to clean my brushes?

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