Monday, 9 April 2012

Get To Know Me!!!

Hi Guys! I thought that for my first blog post i should tell you a little bit about myself!

I am a 13 year old girl, from the North of Scotland. I have always liked cosmetics and beauty in general but my obsession seams to be growing day by day! My collection is quite small but is more than the average girl of my age at my school (most of my friends only have a small sized makeup bag with products that they don't wear on a regular basis)!

Apart  from beauty i have a couple of other hobbies that i love! I am a free and ice dance skater (which means i do jumps, spins and all of the dances - rhythm blues, foxtrot etc...) I am level 2 for all of my free including field moves and 1 for my dance (just in case any of you were wondering or are figure skaters!). I also play the acoustic guitar and am on level 2 for that also.

I have glasses which i am growing to like. I like to read but i have to really get hooked on the book within the first couple of chapters or else i probably won't finish it! I am an avid Corrie fan (in fact i am watching it whilst typing this)! It's not just a little obsession it's HUGE. I will wake up an hour earlier before i normally would to go to school so i can watch the last couple of episodes! Mrs Brown's Boys and Don't tell the bride are also strong favourites of mine!. I am also into crime investigation programmes like Body of Proof and Rizzoli and Isles (I'm not to keen on C.S.I). I LOVED Ugly Betty and super sad when it stopped!

I think that i have babbled on enough once i start i just can't stop! Anyway i best be off now as i think a good bit of corrie is coming up (ha)!

I hope that you will come read again! Tell me what you're favourite telly shows are at the moment i would love it if you liked corrie too!!!

Caitlin xxx

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